Love Food Hate Waste, #useyourloaf With Nancy Birtwhistle

Love Food Hate Waste have teamed up with Nancy Birtwhistle to launch #useyourloaf, a campaign to encourage the nation to come up with great ways to use up leftover bread. The campaign kicked started last week, and I was lucky enough to be invited to breakfast cooked by Nancy herself, with recipes that used up stale bread of course. Before you say urgh about stale bread, everything we ate was absolutely delicious.

Love Food Hate Waste is a campaign close to my heart as I honestly hate wasting food. Whilst I always try and plan ahead as well as maximising my freezer use, I'm not always completley able to reduce my food waste down to zero.

Did you know that the average person in the UK wastes around £200 per year buying good food and drink and then throwing it away? This rises to £470 for the average household and £700 for a family with children! It also has an environmental impact and is the equivalent to 17Mt of CO2

Of all the food that we waste as a nation in the UK, bread waste is one of the worst. 24 million slices of perfectly good bread are thrown out in the UK every day.

This is such a shocking amount, and a quarter of us (25%) have ended up throwing away bread before the reach the end of the loaf, and 18% even admitted to binning a whole forgotten loaf without even opening it.

We're treated to a 3 course lunch/dinner for breakfast! Not that I'm complaining. Starter of niçoise salad with olive croutons. The croutons were devine! It's one of the easiest ways to use up stale bread, but combined with an olive tapenade, these croutons were extraordinary. One of the girls sat next to me said she didn't like olives but was finding the olive croutons irresistable.

Lamb moussaka with a breadcrumb topping. I couldn't really detect the bread in the topping, but this is one of the best moussaka's I've ever tasted. Nancy used half lentils and half lamb mince and the resulting taste was much lighter, healthier and cleaner tasting.

By substituting half the lentils with lamb mince and paddding out the topping with breadcrumb, this is known as Nancy's thrifty moussaka!

Dessert is summer pudding terrine. The bread holds the whole dessert together and is soaked with berry goodness. Another delicious way to use up stale bread.

All the food was fantastic and a great reminder that with a little bit of creativity, bread needn't be wasted. We were sent home with the recipes, which I will use once my loaf goes a bit stale!

If you fancy joining in with this wonderful campaign, head over to the website to submit your recipes and ideas for a chance to win a sandwich toaster. You'll also find Nancy's recipes on the website too. 

Do you have any great #useyourloaf recipe + ideas?

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