Eating Healthy And Deliciously With Vital ingredient

Healthy salad bars for lunch? No way! It's not that I'm not health conscious, because I am, but lunch is possibly my largest meal of the day and it's usually when I crave something really substantial. I'm talking about a full plate of chilli con carne with rice, proper burgers with fries and slaw and maybe even a meaty fried noodle.

So when Vital Ingredient invited me to try out their pick 'n' mix salad box, I was already planning to top up my meal with lunch no2. However, I liked to be knocked off my socks and my earlier expectations were blown to pieces in a good way. 

Not only was my lunch more than filling, the flavours were so awesome that I ended up recreating their salads for the next week at home! And whilst I hate to sound like a health craze preacher, the ingredients here really are very fresh and Vital Ingredient is fantastic. They are definitely on trend with the superfood craze but more importantly that taste so good too

From the menu, choose your base and then the toppings. Prices are very reasonable too and portions are medium-large. They also do hot mains and sides if you don't fancy a salad.
This was lunch for, 2 for me and G. For the mains, we had quinoa with king prawns, carrots, edamame, olives and a mango, chilli and lime dressing. The second box was mixed leaves with tuna, olives, capers, fine beans, tomato and a French dressing. The flavours were incredible.
The sides were a great filler too, although the yoghurty thing with chia seeds was too bland for my liking. It's great for those who are dairy intolerant though as it's dairy free.

Thanks to Vital Ingredient for inviting me to a tasty and healthy lunch! 

Vital Ingredient (Soho branch)
10 Golden Square
W1F 9JA 


  1. Aaaah I absolutely LOVE vital. I go there almost every day! Definitely going to check out their pic 'n' mix salad box! Immy x

    1. You must be super healthy then Immy haha! I really did enjoy those salad boxes especially the tuna one. Yummy! x

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