Al Fresco Pizza at Pizza Express Merchant Square, Paddington

I hate it when summer ends. No more blazing sun, bright blue skies and green, green grass or evenings finished with al fresco dining.

Fear not, this is where the new Pizza Express at Merchant Square Paddington comes in!

You must all be thinking I'm mad to be dining outside in this chilly Autumn weather that seems to have swept across London but don't worry, I'm sat indoors. Through its floor to ceiling glass windows, the new Pizza Express in Merchant Square looks out directly onto the waters and gives a sense of al fresco dining. The small tables in the outdoor area of the restaurant are perfect for warmer evenings and as we have view of it, it literally feels as we are sitting outside but minus the chill.

I'm due a girly catchup with a good friend and over good old pizza, we natter away for the whole evening. It doesn't take us too long to decide what to order. I'm so glad my friend picked a few items that I would normally be reluctant to try, such as the starters as they were super delicious! 

The starters of dough balls rolled in Gran Milano cheese and salmon risotto were super, I'll definitely be ordering these next time as opposed to my usual dough balls.

Whenever it comes to pizzas, I'm pretty boring and stick to what I love - a tomato base, meaty, savoury and spicy. My favourite is American Hottest, but as I already ordered this the last time I came to Pizza Express, I ending up choosing the Calabrese.

I got pizza envy after tasting my friend's veggie Giardiniera pizza, the flavours were so good despite the lack of meat (I love my meat). My calabrese was also good, though I have to say American Hottest is still my favourite. The side of polenta chips was a first too and whilst I liked the chips, the honey mustard sauce seemed like an odd accompaniment. I think it would have tasted better with a spicy tomato-ey type sauce!

Stuffed with pizza, we still managed to fit in dessert. My chocolate glory dessert certainly was glorious and finished off a wonderful evenly nicely.

I love the pattern on the side of the kitchen.

Thanks to Pizza Express for inviting us!

Unit 35 + 37
3 Merchant Square
W2 1BF

Will you be enjoying an 'Al Fresco' pizza at Merchant Square this autumn?

*I was invited by Pizza Express as their guest. All opinions are honest, my own and unbiased in any way. 


  1. This looks delish! I do love me some pizza express, I always get the same things though too, I need to mix it up! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. It's so hard to mix it up, I know I have my favourites! x

  2. All super yummy looking! Always love catching up on your post Lucy, they are always nice and honest to read and pretty food photos to inspire me to go out, try new things or whip up something a new dish in the kitchen I haven’t tried before!

    Happy Sunday!
    Tiffany x

    1. Awww thank you Tiffany, you always make my day with your lovely comments! x

  3. I really like pizza express...shame J prefers his usual chinese but I always convince him to go when there are good deals!

    1. Didn't know you ate non-Japanese food Mandy haha! Yes it's great when Pizza Express has the deals on.


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