Snuggling Up With The Tea Makers Of London

When the weather is miserable outside, there is no better way to cheer myself up than to stay at home, drink lots of hot tea & snuggle up. This week was the perfect opportunity to do just that with the tea that The Tea Makers of London* sent to me earlier this month.

Tea is a big part of my life, and I'm super fussy when it comes to authenticity. Be it English Breakfast tea, Chinese teas or Japanese teas, it has to be high quality and I have certain brands I stick to. So when the lovely people at The Tea Makers asked if I'd like to try their tea, I was keen to see if they passed as 'proper tea', using high quality tea leaves as opposed to the lower grade scrap trimmings often used in pre-packaged teabags.    

I was very happy to see a tin of English Breakfast and a Dragon Well tea in my box, and the sleek black tin looked great too. The Tea Makers of London source their tea from all over the world and the founder has over 10 years experience as a tea planter! 

The Breakfast Tea is made from superior Ceylon bop, from the tea-growing regions of Sri Lanka. It's in loose leaf form and for each cup of tea, 3/4 of a teaspoon is about the right amount. It has a great depth of flavour to it, and medium in strength. It also tastes 'cleaner' and smoother than the usual PG tips/Tetley's. It was perfect as my afternoon refreshment with a chocolate pudding drenched in custard!

Onto the Supreme Dragon Well tea, which is one of my favourite types of Chinese tea. Grown in Zhejiang in China, it's a type of green tea with high levels of the natural antioxidant catechin.

I was surprised to see that the tea were whole individual leaves that had been pressed and just gently rolled out. I'm more used to the harder pressed tea leaves, and I'm guessing that it is lightly rolled so that the flavours are not too intensified. 

The aroma from this tea was incredible. Light, green-tasting, earthy, gentle to drink and exactly how good Dragon Well tea should taste. I was impressed by the quality of this tea and have been enjoying it daily. 

Overall, I loved the quality of the teas and especially enjoyed the Dragon Well. If you are serious about buying authentic teas, ditch the supermarket types and give The Tea Makers of London a try. It certainly passed the authenticity test for me!

What's your favourite type of tea?

*The Tea Makers of London sent me these products to review. All opinions are my own and unbiased.   


  1. Oh wow, I've not seen this type of tea used by a brand before! Looks awesome.

    Saskia /

    1. I definitely recommend it and it's how proper tea should be - in the loose leaf form! Thanks for stopping by =)


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