Tokyo Day 3 - Odaiba, Asakusa, Akihabara and Ginza

After an early start at Tsukiji market, it's only 1pm and we have plenty planned for the rest of the day.

We are in search for the skyrail to Odaiba after reading about it on B-Kyu. In fact, today is the day that we are tracing the footsteps of B-kyu and what they got up to whilst in Tokyo. I love these guys.

From Tsukiji, we catch the train to Shimbashi and connect for the Yurikamome line to Daiba. The journey takes 15 mins and costs ¥320.

The elevated train or sky rail on the Yurikamome line provides a spectacular view of Tokyo's harbour, and for ¥320 it's definitely cheaper than a tour bus.

Time for a snack after our early-ish sushi brunch. This mango pastry was delicious.

I spy the Yakult building! 

Neatly lined buildings, and a beautiful day. 

The rainbow bridge. 

We love the sky rail. The view is great, and we get to rest our feet and back from all the walking. 

Tokyo ferris wheel.

Odaiba is a lot like Utopia. It feels quite surreal, very futuristic and pretty detached from Tokyo. The cleanliness and perfectly lined everything is a little uncanny. We get off at the stop for Tokyo Big Sight. 

Tokyo Big Sight. Also known as Tokyo's international exhibition centre.

The sun is beating down and it's hot, so what do you do? Go into the Family Mart (they are literally everywhere!) and get refreshments of course.

G thinks I'm obsessed with Family Mart. Well, every FM stocks different things, mustn't miss out! We grab some drinks and THESE sandwiches (Thanks B-Kyu!)

Egg mayo and tonkotsu pork cutlet in breadcrumb. The bread is super soft and fluffy - we loved them! Egg mayo wins hands down and we go through many packs during our holiday.

You might be thinking why sandwiches of all things in Japan? Trust me, once you've tried it, there's no going back.   

We hop back onto the skyrail carry onto the next stop. G states Gundam is a must!
Gundam's backside courtesy of G.

The headquarters of Fuji TV, one of Japan's private nationwide TV stations. The distinctive spear houses the observatory deck. 

The rainbow bridge, and the statue of liberty! The rainbow bridge lights up at night in different colours, hence it's name. 

Time for our next stop. We head back to Shimbashi, and change for the Asakusa line to Asakusa.  

The entrance to Sensoji temple, Asakusa's main attraction.

We access Sensoji via the Nakamise, a shopping street full of snacks and souvenirs. 

Snack time. This was a missable deep fried bun in seaweed batter and a filling that I can't remember.

A cracker from the covered shopping street across the road from the temple. 

Akihabara is just 1 stop away from Asakusa and it's where we head next. This was G's must do on our itinerary. Akihabara is Tokyo's electronic shopping area. There are plenty of manga and anime shops, and of course the maid cafes! 

It's close to dinner time, and we are peckish. We have dinner plans of yakitori but as we walked past this joint, we just couldn't miss out on steak and hamburger Japanese style!

Well we did have an eating strategy planned out at the beginning of our trip, which was to share our meals in the smallest portion size, and now was a good time to use it. Dinner number 1; one sizzling plate to share please! 

It was lip-smackingly delicious and we have to refrain from ordering another set. The unlimited rice is a bummer too since we are not to fill up on rice.

We head over to Ginza in search of yakitori eaten under a rail bridge. Proper cool and proper authentic. 

Walking under the rail bridge has me jiggling in excitement!

We've found the place and are ready to order. Thank god for the English menu. Just look how great this place is!

The whole rail underpass is full of yakitori joints. This one was opposite to us.
We see Pepper Lunch! Sadly, we couldn't fit it in but the food isn't dissimilar to our dinner number 1 and we're able to get this in Hong Kong (my second home).

Start off healthy with a side of aubergines. Nice and smoky with yakitori sauce, bonito flakes, some grated ginger and negi. So simple, but so good. Maybe it's cos we're sitting under the rail bridge, who knows.

The meats have arrived and the smell of the smoky juicy skewers drive me crazy. They tastes amazing and the yakitori sauce is addictive! 

Each skewer is a different meat or offal and we share the sticks. G is not an offal fan, so I get those all to myself. 

Dinner number 2 was definitely worth making room for, and if you're not too hungry, you just order less skewers. Thumbs up on this! See menu for the address.

Plenty of alfresco dining in Japan. We feel like a local when we dine this way.

There's a McDonald's and a Family Mart that we walk pass everyday from/to our hotel. Damn it, we can't resist some crispy chicken! Is this dinner number 3? Oops. 

Family Mart dessert special. Wafer filled with green tea ice cream and red bean jam. The novelty of it is more fun than it tastes.

After our packed day, we are shattered. Tomorrow is our final day in Tokyo and we squeeze in even more than today's activities.

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