Camellia's Tea House | Carnaby Street

Camellia's tea house feels like an oasis right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Carnaby Street. Stepping inside the beautiful and quaint tea house, I felt instant tranquillity. I could have been somewhere in the countryside, and not in central London. 

Carnaby street - the ever quirky and hip area in central London. I love the vibe here.

Camellia's tea house is located on the top floor of Kingly Court which is a great place to people watch in itself. What a pretty place to completely relax after a hard day's shopping! 

All the tea ware and small details throughout the tea house are so delightful. Camellia's offer over 100 types of tea blends, some of which are unique blends that can only be found here. You can also buy any tea blend you like to take home and enjoy.

No photography of the teas are allowed, so from memory, they stock a good range of Chinese Tea, Japanese green teas, herbal blends, black tea, white teas and their own bespoke blends. I love tea and this tea house is a haven for tea lovers. 

They also offer a range of home baked cakes at the counter and I saw a few customers enjoying an afternoon tea set. Perfect with a cup of tea! 

I chose the white peach tea and a little madeleine for my afternoon wind down. The tea was gently perfumed with peach, whilst the clean tasting white tea filtered through with a very subtle hint of sweetness. Absolutely gorgeous. The madeleine was devoured promptly...

I purchased the Skinny B*tch tea for my best friend who's getting married this summer as it promises to detox and aid a faster metabolism, and I picked up the Elderflower tea for myself which is supposed to help heal ailments and promote general well being. 

The boss lady of Camellia's told me that they are likely to be moving away from Kingly Court due to high rent. They have been here for years and it is so sad to hear. I really hope that if they do move elsewhere, it will continue to thrive. There are not enough tea houses in London and especially one that is as special as Camellia's. 

If you fancy a cuppa, do pop along to Carnaby Street before it's too late. 

After a refreshing tea break, this is the beautiful scenery that greets me on Oxford Street. I love London.

Top Floor, 2.12 Kingly Court
Carnaby Street



  1. Hey! I just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Liebster Award tag! You can read more about it here:
    I'm excited to read your answers so please let me know, when you have answered them :)

    1. Thanks Vanessa, but i've already done it. Have fun!

  2. This is embarrassing: I've been in London for 8 months and still haven't been to Carnaby :( AND I've been wanting to go to a tea house forever, so this place looks like the perfect fit! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Valeria you have to get to carnaby street, there's so much to eat around there!
      Maybe we could go ome tea on our next foodie blogger meet up? :)

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