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March was a month filled with an insane amount of food. There were a lot of lunches and dinners since invites were flying left, right and centre! I guess this is what usually happens in UK when the spring sun starts to peek out from the winter gloom.

I was eating faster than I could blog... but fear not, there were some amazing eats that I just need to share with you guys and you will be seeing a lot of eat out recommendations for the next week or two. 

First up, is brunch at The Soda Works, with the kitchen run by Tongue N Cheek, where amazing pancakes are to be found.

I met up with fellow bloggers Charlie and Etta, and it was thanks to Charlie's suggestion that we ended up having such an awesome brunch (head over to their blogs for their write ups of brunch, I'm the last to write!).

The Soda Works is located inside an unassuming warehouse gate and made it the perfect quirky brunch spot that felt very pop-up and very Hackney. Love it.

Love the rustic-ness/industrial-ness of it all! 

You get to choose a free soda, so Valencia orange it was for both Etta and I. Charlie chose the very pretty pink rhubarb soda!

Enamelware. Got to love it when retro comes back.

The lovely Charlie and Etta. Dining with fellow bloggers is great coz y'all know you can't eat until the photos are done! I had an awesome morning with you girls =)

Only half awake, abandoning weekend zz in the name of pancakes. Good thing they were so worth it.

The kitchen is run by Tongue N Cheek. 

Soda on tap.

Here comes the food!
Charlie and Etta went for the classic pancakes with bacon, maple syrup and bacon, and I went for the Alla Diavolo eggs. 

We planned for a 4th item, sweet pancakes to share, but as that came before the eggs, I think I ended up eating most of this one! 

The sweet Japanese inspired pancakes were served with perisimmon jam, red bean jam and matcha drizzled whipped cream. They was absolutely phenomenial! The pancakes were so light and fluffy, and moist inside too. Seriously some of the best pancakes I've ever eaten. 

Paired with delicious whipped cream and matcha, I could have eaten a stack of this. The perisimmon jam really excited me, as I've never had perisimmon this way before and it was a delight. 

When it comes to red bean, I can take it or leave it, but this time, I would gladly take it. It's not as grainy or thick as usual, and not too sweet or bland either. Perfect. 

The girls were happy to share, so I tucked into this too! Again, the pancakes were amazing. With good bacon and real maple syrup, you can't go wrong.

The Alla Diavolo arrived, but I think I had enjoyed the sweet Japanese pancakes too much to fully appreciate this. The onsen egg was perfectly silky and the reason for making a group decision to order this! 

Onsen eggs are made in a hot 'water bath' and slowly cooks to create the silkiest eggs which are only just cooked. The whites are like jelly, and the yolk still waiting to be burst. 

The spicy tomato and cheese were a great combination, but I felt I would have enjoyed this a lot more if there had been bacon or chorizo.

Filled with lovely brunch, we all vowed to meet up again for foodie adventures. See you ladies soon! 

The Soda Works (aka Square Root Soda Works)
449 Railway Arch
Amhurst Road
E8 2AJ


  1. The blue mugs are so pretty! Really loving blue / white stuff in the kitchen right now. I think it's going to be another pancake weekend for us after seeing these pics!

    1. Yes they are mandy, I happen to have a blue one at home too! Did you have your pancakes? They were sooo yummy here.

  2. You can't go wrong having pancakes and bacon for brunch and this looks like the perfect place to do so! I think I have to add this to my list of places to eat in London :)

    1. You should Tiffany and make sure you get the japanese ones - they were so good! :)

  3. Fab write up Lucy! Those pancakes were soo good, I'm craving them all over again now haha... Also I swear I definitely did not notice that bike on the roof?! Such a cool photo! Can't wait for our next foodie meet up :)

    Etta xx

    1. Thanks Etta! Lol, it was near the entrance! I'm going to sort it out soon, promise! x


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