Wardrobe Declutter and Organise

My wardrobe gets an overhaul every 3-6 months, or whenever I start to get antsy and feel the urge to re-organise things. When things become disorganised, it makes me feel stressed but decluttering always make me feel energised and contented.
In late November last year, our new wardrobe was ready and I spent hours throwing away things and hanging things ups. To my delight and horror at the same time, I realised this:

1   I had so much wardrobe space, almost double of what I had before. Fantastic.

2   My rail was jam packed despite throwing lots away, and it was buckling under the weight of all my clothes and threatening to snap!

I needed to be even more ruthless, no one needs that many clothes! Bring on wardrobe overhaul No2. This time I used a different tactic. I emptied out the wardrobe and piled the clothes onto my bed so I had a blank canvas to work with.

Instead of just putting most of my clothes back in the wardrobe (whether I loved them or were brand new but not necessarily wear), I split the organising into 4 areas: 

- Things I wear on rotation daily/weekly/monthly and are in good condition go straight back on the rail  

- Items I wear on special occasions. This includes new dresses waiting to be worn for upcoming events. These make it back into the wardrobe

 - Holiday dresses/skirts are kept, mainly because I bought a lot of new dresses for this year's summer and holidays, during the autumn/winter sales  

- Finally, I'm left with a pile of clothes that don't fit into any of the 3 categories above. So, they either get ditched or I needed a really good excuse to keep them! I had to be ruthless even with the Hello Kitty onesie I wore to my hen that had sentimental value! I did however, keep a few pieces of clothing that I will never wear again but I couldn't bear to be without

The onesie I wore to my hen, but doesn't fit very well
Now I am left with a wardrobe that is not rammed or buckling under the weight of my clothes. It's more manageable as I can see everything and the clothes I wear the most are all kept on the right side, for easy access and navigation. I organised my husband's rail (bottom rail) the following weekend, when he had time to decide on the keepers and the binners. We have finally reached wardrobe zen... almost. The mismatched hangers are bothering me, so I will be looking to replace them when I do my next wardrobe declutter.

In keeping with my spending ban, I am going to try and enjoy all the clothes I already own and not just continuously buy. Many of these still have the tags on after all.  


  1. You have such a colourful selection of clothes, mine is all grey, white and black haha.I love a good clear out, I often drop off a massive bag to the charity shop. I'm doing a clothes swap as well this weekend!

    Hanh x | hanhabelle

    1. Haha, yes I love colour Hanh! I'm trying to incorporate more black, greys, whites and navy into my collection for a sleeker look, but I love colour too much.
      Clothes swap! Look forward to your post! :)

  2. Really well done! Emptying your entire wardrobe is a great idea so that you really have an overview. I don't have a huge collection of clothes anymore which is the result of trying to embrace a more minimalistic lifestyle (and just shop less) which is refreshing, though I still enjoy having the seasonal clean-out to clear out things I haven't worn for a long time. It's funny how you buy a garment and then never wear it, that and clothes with sentimental value are so hard to let go of. Awesome post. :)

    1. Thanks Kie! I am aiming for the minimalistic lifestlye, and providing I steer well clear of the shops and online shopping, I'm able to shop less too.
      I know, too hard to let go! And I will never get rid of my wedding dress either haha

  3. I do clear outs all the time which is probably why you were surprised to see the lack of clothes I had last time! I still got my minnie mouse onesie from your hen!

    1. That really took me by surprise, but I like the idea. Trying to aim for a minimalistic lifestyle now! haha, I have the minnie mouse onesie, just getting rid of the hello kitty one. Hope you still wear it! =D

  4. You have so much colour in your wardrobe, whereas mine is mostly blue and black haha! :) Great post, I'm in dire need of a spring clean I think x


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