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Brunch is breakfast and lunch all in one right? I'm not sure if the 'brunch' at Malmaison can actually be classed as brunch, since all of us rolled out of there filled to the brim with breakfast, lunch and dinner! We were so full we didn't end up eating dinner that night.

We managed to get a good deal online with Livingsocial, a bargain at £30 for 2 people. The deal included a buffet starter, soup, a main course or brunch item, and a dessert. Having a look at the menu, the usual price for brunch is £20 per person, so it's pretty good anyway.

Everything on the menu sounds delicious!

The spread on the buffet starters was amazing, there was so much to choose from! I knew I would be quite full from the starters alone. Ham, cheese, cured meat, smoked fish, salad, pasta, meat loaf, scotch eggs, pastries, bread, sausage rolls.... 

This was my plate! I was greedy and went up for seconds too. Everything was really good quality and tasty too. Highlights had to be the gorgeous scotch egg, meatloaf with egg, pickled herring with onions and I also loved the spicy sun-dried tomato and olive cous cous. I'm not a fan of cous cous, but I could eat it all the time if it tasted this good.

Butternut squash was the soup on offer for the day. Does this brunch stop? Bring it on!

And no it doesn't stop, our mains arrive and we are already pretty full.

The roast potatoes were absolutely incredible, some of the best I've ever had. Crispy and crunchy on the outside and fluffy in the middle. Delicious vegetables and the Yorkshire pud was humongous! The roast beef was so good too, full of beefiness and so tender. We were not being given the crap cuts just because it was brunch, the quality is just outstanding. And we got an extra pot of gravy, who hates eating roast with minuscule amount of gravy?! I do.  

The chicken roast with insane amount of chicken, a sausage and sausage-meat stuffing. The portion sizes are beyond generous, and for £20 per person full price? Yes, it's damn good of a deal.

I did get food envy when this plate arrived. Luckily for me, my friends and I love to share our food and I got to taste this too. Beautiful. Crispy cod with succulent innards and good old crunchy fries.

When desserts arrived, we were clutching our bellies and didn't think we could eat anymore. But of course, we ate it anyway.

Warm gooey sticky toffee pud done well, with a side of vanilla ice cream to cut through the sweetness.

This was my favourite. Rhubarb with a chilled custard, whipped cream and beautiful meringues which were not too sweet.

Malmaison 'hot choc'. White chocolate and vanilla ice cream with marshmallows and hot chocolate sauce. Perfect for chocoholics.

We enjoyed our 3 hour brunch so much, and for the crazy amount we ate and the quality of the ingredients, this brunch really is a steal. With drinks and service, it was an additional £5 per person. This means, with our deal, this only worked out to be £20 per person! 

Standard price would probably be around £30-£35 per person depending on if you ordered alcohol drinks or not, but even that price is worth it. 

18-21 Charterhouse Square


  1. Oh my goodness. I never should have read this before having lunch!

  2. Haha, hope you had a hearty lunch afterwards!

  3. This looks absolutely insane! I NEED to go here.

    Etta xx

    1. Yes yes yes you do Etta! One of the BEST brunches I've ever had! :)

  4. Dear Lucy where is the location and tube name that i can take?

    1. Hi Raylee, the address is at the bottom of the blog post, nearer station is Barbican or Farringdon x


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