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There is no denying how pretty the cakes, macarons and chocolates are at Yauatcha, and the display they have on is truly drool inducing. Our 2hr session didn't really give us enough time to enjoy the desserts there, so after a bit of oogling at the dessert counter, we took a few home instead. 

The macarons left us sadly underwhelmed, but the cakes really were something else!

Wow wow wow. Not only are they so intricately made and a pure work of art, they tasted absolutely divine too and gave my tastebuds a proper jingle. I have eaten countless cakes and desserts that look absolutely stunning, but fail so miserably on taste. Yauatcha ACED the looks and taste department, leaving sis and I seriously impressed. 

I love the colour splatter stains, so pretty! 

Chocolate heaven

I am obsessed with unusual macaron flavours and the flavour ideas here really excite me

Now for the beautiful cakes. How to choose?!

 2 cakes and macarons for me and sis

1 cake, macarons and choc for my sister in law

Beautiful Raspberry Delice. Sweet chocolate mousse wrapped around tart raspberry coulis. We couldn't detect the apparent lychee, but the chocolate mousse and raspberry were so good together. Mousse was not overly sweet or rich, with just the right amount of air whipped in to keep it light. Beautiful.

This is one of the most incredible cakes I have EVER eaten in my life. Whoa. Lychee Rose Charlotte cake consisted of lychee mousse, crème brulle, cranberry compote and biscuit a la culliere. 

The waves of lychee fragrance really wafted through, with a delicate hint of rose that brought both flavours together so well. I am not a fan of floral foods, but I will make an exception for this cake. When rose is used as delicately as this, it really adds a profound character to lychee. The play on texture is also beautifully executed with airy lychee mousse, soft but bouncy jelly, chewy lychee, crunch of the crisp rose petals and a cake-like biscuit. 

And just how stunning does this cake look?!

Macarons were so pretty but shells too dry and cream flavours too artificial. I am so sad when taste doesn't match presentation.

If you live in London and not yet been to Yauatcha for cake, you need to get down there right now. I'll be back.


  1. Drooling. The chocolate, and oh, those macaron flavors (lavender/honey and coconut/lychee sounds so tasty) - too bad they were underwhelming! And I've never heard of Lychee Rose Charlotte cake, what a thing :)

    1. I've never heard of it either Kie, but it tasted phenomenal! :)

  2. Hi! I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award:)
    xx Elena

    1. Awww Thanks Elena for nominating and thinking of me! =)


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