New Year | New Goals

New year, new goals. We're a week into the new year and I have rounded up some goals which will give me some guidance for the year ahead. I always feel the need to set a tone/focus for the year, otherwise I tend to feel a bit lost! 

I don't make resolutions as such, since I find them too restrictive and I lack willpower. 

1) Embrace a healthier lifestyle with more exercise and a better diet. 

Since I've hit 30, I realise it is not about dieting when excess weight sticks, it's about changing my lifestyle so I don't eat the bad stuff in excess, or go through periods of exercising and then nothing.  

2) Save, save, save! 

The past 3 years have been expensive when a wedding and a house comes into the equation. I will be implementing a spending ban with outlines I must follow, starting with January through to March. If it goes well, maybe I will push through until June! 

3) Enjoying the present. 

I am very much a reflector and love to dip back in the past and think about what went well etc. I am also good at setting new targets and things to do for the future. However, I am not good at enjoying the present. I could be sitting down watching TV but my mind races to the next day or week ahead and it makes me jittery and I know it annoys the hell out of my husband and my sister. 

4) Declutter. 

Things are constantly cleared out of my home and I use Ebay/Carboots to earn a little extra income. This year will be no different except that when coupled with goal No.2, there will be no more clutter by the end of the year and I will not have to repeat this cycle. 

5) Quality over quantity. 

I am done buying things I end up chucking out after a few months. If I do buy anything this year, it has to be good quality and last for a long while.

6) PiYo & physio. 
2014 was an awful year for my physical health. RSIs, shoulder impingements, torn knee ligament and bursitis, chronic back pain. PiYo is a new exercise combining Pilates and Yoga which sounds really great, since I can no longer do workouts like Insanity without them impacting my joints. I also need to keep on top of my physio. 

7) Do things that make me happy. 

A simple final goal for 2015. Looks like it will be a busy year ahead then!

Have you guys made any goals and do any of mine resound with you? Happy 2015!!


  1. I have to agree with you on 2 & 3 but 2 never seems to happen esp with my trip next month : ( seems like too good of an opportunity not to go for that price and not somewhere I would pick to go either.

    1. You save in other aspects of your life so I think your trip is fine! We have to enjoy life sometimes :)

  2. I think these are fab goals! I really want to declutter this year, I want to try and buy less - only when I actually really need something! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thanks Jasmin, look out for my upcoming post on spending less & saving tips! Thanks for stopping by :)


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