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Back in November, the news of houjicha kitkats on sale at Japan Centre via Twitter had me going gaga. 

Japanese kitkats are already such a fun novelty on their own, and combined with one of my absolute favourite teas, I just knew I needed to get my hands on them! 

These special little kitkats are only available to order online and so off I went to place my order. With p&p around £6, it only made sense to order a little more since the weight of the package made no difference. Then an offer pops up saying for first time customers, there's a free gift for spends over £45. 

I oblige of course, and a shopping spree of noodles and kitkats commences. 

So excited when this package arrived

Noodles and sea urchin crackers

From L:R; Clockwise: Free gift, houjicha, sardine power (for seasoning stock), selection box of Kitkats, sea urchin crackers, mirin, dried noodles, rice, seaweed, white miso, and instant noodles

My free gift!

This is pretty generous! Yuzu juice, 7 spice powder, wasabi, bonito season (perfect for soup udon/noodles)

Plum somen, dried udon, soba, more dried udon

My love for houjicha. The kitkat was amazing!

The houjicha kitkat was a part of the selection box. Plan was to try them all and re-stock on the ones I really liked. I'm so re-stocking the houjicha! 

This selection included: 
1x Matcha KitKat

1x Wasabi KitKat
1x Sweet Potato KitKat
1x Hojicha KitKat
1x Azuki Sandwich KitKat
1x Ichimi Chilli KitKat
1x Strawberry KitKat

1x Raspberry KitKat

In addition to the selection box, I also picked up the Strawberry Milkshake which wasn't included. Tasted intensely like strawberry milkshake! Great stuff.

Can't wait to order more things once this stash runs out. 


  1. Looks so yum! I didn't know there were kitkats like that, so interesting. Also, I immediately had to check out the site and see where they delivered - might need to make a little order sometime :) Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Kie, these are specifically Japanese kitkats, the flavour range is mind-boggling not to mention huge! I had a passionfruit white chocolate KK in japan and that was awesome.

      I hope they deliver to where you are! :)

  2. Very colourful and yummy looking!


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