Farewell 2014

This year has been an intense year. There were some really great moments and some not so good. I am glad 2014 is almost over, and the new year is upon us.

New years eve is a time I enjoy reflecting on; for all that's happened in the past year, thing's I've achieved, places visited, and most importantly, all the good times spent with loved ones. 

Happy New Year everyone and enjoy all your celebrations! I'm celebrating mine with a new blog design and pizza evening at home =) 

Here are some of my favourite 2014 moments:

The first home to call our own.

Family time with my precious niece (in law) at the lovely Cotswold cottage.

Making my first Hello Kitty cake for my niece's 3rd birthday party. 

Lulu macarons being featured in London Brides! This is the very first media coverage. The amazing biscuiteers also asked about a collaboration with Lulu Macarons which took my breath away. 

This epic chicken wing party. 

My husband's talented cousin and her handmade birthday cards.What a joy to receive them! 

Paris x2. Summer with a friend & autumn with my mum and sister.

Aaron Kwok in Concert. My childhood idol who still oozes sexiness aged 49.

Two beautiful weddings.
A lovely family orientated holiday in Hong Kong. 

The first gingerbread house my sister and I have ever made. And from scratch too.

My nephew made an early and surprise arrival on Christmas day!


  1. Loving these moments you shared, really great ones :) And I'm obsessed with those birthday cards, so cool. I'm always looking forward to new times and moving forward in life, so heading into a new year is always about time!

    1. Thank you so much! I love to reflect back on the year past, and look forward to the new.


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