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This Taiwanese Cafe is a recent discovery and whilst I haven't been to Taiwan before, I have a feeling that the food here is pretty authentic. The customers are all Chinese on both occasions that we've been here. Old tree daiwan bee is located just on the outsides of main Chinatown so it's easy to miss.

The deep fried chicken/pork seems to be the signature dish here and tastes exactly like the Hot-Star chicken I've had in HK. Hot-Star originated in Taiwan and has many branches around the world. Maybe they will take over the world and become the new KFC.... I wonder....
Old tree's deep fried chicken is so so so so delicious! It's coated with a cereal like crumb, not breadcrumb or batter, so it's extra crunchy and the chicken itself is so juicy. The meat hasn't dried out from the deep frying and of course the msg laden flavoured sprinkling is just so tasty. Not to be missed. You can also get it as a main with rice on the side. Rice is topped with pickled veg and braised pork, bonus! [First picture]

The classic Taiwanese braised pork on rice with a side order of braised egg is really good here. Soft melty pork with the right amount fat and the braising sauce is perfectly savoury and sweet. This comes as a standard small bowl size, so sides are needed to make your meal a filling one.

Taiwanese sausages. They have a delicate rice wine perfume and lean towards the sweet side. Not quite sure why they are served with raw leeks though...

Oyster omelette. Another classic dish, but one that I don't really get. The oysters are good, but the gloopy starch omelette and sweet sauce isn't my thing.

Oyster soup noodles. The oysters are really tasty and the gravy like peppery sauce thins out as you get to the bottom. This is a new favourite. Again, it's a small dish, so get sides to bulk out your meal.

Red-braised beef noodles. This is not the usual braised beef noodles we have eaten many times before. The beef is gorgeous and falls apart as you bite into it. The fresh veggies and pickled veg are great, and noodles are standard. It's the herby like soup that we found a little strange. Their specials board featured lamb in herb soup noodle, and I wonder if they used the same soup base. It wasn't bad but probably wouldn't order this again.

Only downside is, there are no toilets (use the pub next door), and they only accept cash.

26, Rupert St, London W1D 6DH

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