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I never used to be much of a coffee drinker, and on the odd occasions that I did in the past, it would be milky, full of sugar and usually in the form of Nescafe instant coffee (gold blend) or a frappuccino from Starbucks.

It didn't quite live up to a cup of good old English breakfast tea. However, I have 2 good friends who are coffee fanatics and I became intrigued what it was that got them so hooked on it. I had my first coffee wow moment in 2005, Verona Italy and then more recently with a flat white from Knot (at Clapham Junction Station), and one from Costa. But the coffees were never consistent and I started to believe that the burnt and bitter coffee beans were just not my thing. 

Then FCB came along and now I totally GET why people love coffee. Denmark Hill train station entrance had been empty for a while until FCB turned it into a cozy coffee shop. I'd already started to get a good vibe from the decor since rustic and wood themes is a favourite of mine. Whilst I can't say I am a coffee connoisseur, I can say that I have tried a lot of coffees and FCB is the best coffee I have had time and time again. 

I don't like coffees that taste bitter or burnt, and I'm not keen on that sour aftertaste you get with some coffees or coffees that taste flat with no depth of flavour. FCB's standard roast is delicious; aromatic, full of character and flavour, smooth and velvety to drink, without a hint of burnt coffee bean bitterness or a heavy sour aftertaste. 

They also feature guests roasts which change on average every 2-3 weeks which is a great way to try new coffees. My favourite guest roast was the Mexican one with notes of honey. I have a favourite barista too, Giovanni, who happens to be the manager at the Denmark Hill branch. His coffees are always the perfect temperature - I can hold the paper cup without a sleeve and not burn my hands in the process.

FBC ranks top on my list of good coffee places and I also like the coffees at Le Pain Quotidien, Knot, Cafe FlorenceMonmouth and Foxcroft & Ginger are also good, but I find their coffee too strong and sour for my liking. And if you are really into you coffee, avoid all the obvious coffee chains...

The loyalty card from FCB is generous, not only do you get the 10th cup free, you also get a pastry or a muffin! 

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