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Ramen bars are popping up all over London and Sasuke looks to be another promising one.

I've already eaten at Bone Daddies, Ittenbari, Tonkotsu, Shoryu - the kind of ramen joints you find in Japan selling only ramen and made fresh daily - as well as at Kirazu and Nagomi which are Japanese restaurants that also make ramen from scratch.

Tonkotsu and Kirazu come top on my list, although each of the different ramen bars offer something that the other doesn't. It's great to see these kind of authentic eateries becoming the way of dining in London.

Sasuke do 5 styles of ramen; miso, spicy miso, shoyu, shio, as well as tsuke - a dipping ramen. We went for the miso & spicy miso. Add £1 and turn it into maratoku, meaning additional egg and nori (seaweed).We also ordered a couple of sides.

At first bite, the ramen here is spot on. They have a good chew to them, not too thick and not too thin. The miso soup is full of flavour, the pork is perfectly soft and tender with a melty layer of fat and the side of freshly toasted sesame seeds are a nice touch. 

Halfway through the ramen, the soup does get heavy and would probably have tasted better if I could add some hot water to thin it down. However, I have heard that the soup is not for drinking (unlike a chinese noodle soup), but rather, it is like a coating for the ramen. Maybe the shio ramen is a lighter broth that is more suited for me - I'll be back for this. G's spicy miso was quite hot, and tasted like my miso ramen with a big dollop of chilli oil.

We tried a side of chicken karaage, it has quite a chewy coating and not quite as juicy as the karaage we are used to. 

The chashu don is a small bowl of rice topped with roast pork, chilli oil and mayo. The additional of chilli oil and mayo didn't seem quite right.

Overall, we enjoyed our ramen here, but it hasn't knocked Tonkotsu or Kirazu off my top spot yet. I'll be back again for the shio ramen, maybe that will change my mind?

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