April 30, 2018

Travelling The World With A Local

Travelling with a friend who is native to the country you are visiting brings immense benefits and there’s no better way to submerge yourself into the local culture than with someone who can speak the language and show you all the great hidden spots.

Even if your local contact is a hired one, they can point out good places to stay such as Residence Inn Delray Beach, and all the best surrounding things to do.

They will be able to open doors to niche activities and events you would otherwise have missed
It’s one thing to turn up in a new country with your guidebook and planned schedule in hand, but it’s quite another to get in touch with the real beating heart of a place as the locals experience it. Of course, big tourist attractions are often well worth seeing too, but stopping by a small local restaurant with a long history, where live folk music bands play, is another level of experience altogether.

They will be able to explain the history and cultural context of the place to you
Going on a walking tour of a historic city is a great thing to do, partly because it’s a way of learning about the history and culture of a place. Travelling with a local is even better as you’ll find that even off-handed comments over a snack can end up really deepening your understanding of a place. “Oh, this drink? Yeah, it’s something we drink in the winter. My grandmother used to prepare it this way with herbs from her garden”, or “ah, this street is named after one of our most famous kings. He fought a famous battle…”

They can act as a translator
Simply being able to communicate in the local language is a major plus for any tourist with an inquisitive mind. Outside of major city centres and tourist trails, your guidebook and attempts at sign language may let you down more than you’d like.

With a native speaker by your side, on the other hand, you can travel far and wide, easily place your orders at out-of-the-way restaurants, or learn about which areas are best avoided, or what interesting event or site might be waiting just around the corner.

Have you travelled with a local before?

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