March 01, 2018

Put A Ring On It

Before you make your proposal or before your special one proposes to you, make sure you know your platinum to palladium, so you can drop some hints along the way. Here are some of the most popular engagement ring metals and why you may want to choose one over another.

Platinum is a natural white and rare metal that is popular for its purity and strength. Platinum is often 95 percent pure. The density of this metal makes it highly durable, which means it will keep diamonds and gemstones protected and safe. Platinum is also naturally hypoallergenic, so it doesn’t irritate sensitive skin. When this metal scratches, little metal is lost, which means your engagement ring will withstand year upon year of wear. And since platinum is a pure white metal, it doesn’t cast a tint on your centre diamond or gemstone.

White Gold and Yellow Gold
The naturally yellow gold is mixed together with different metal alloys for extra strength. Typically, white or yellow gold is just around 75 percent pure. This means you can find jewellery in a wide range of colours, from pink to white and even green. Yellow gold becomes beautiful white gold when the metal’s surface is plated with rhodium, which means there is the likelihood of the coating wearing away with age. White and yellow gold engagement rings are readily available on the market and therefore more affordable than some of the other metal options. You can even personalise your shade of gold.

Rose Gold
Rose gold is a pink-tinted metal that has an added copper alloy. The more copper alloy found in the metal, the deeper the rosy tones. One of the most attractive things about rose gold is the meaning behind it. White gold often represents friendship, yellow gold signifies fidelity, but rose gold represents love. It’s a durable metal with a look that suits almost most kinds of skin tones.

Palladium is a lustrous white-silver metal that’s also used as an alloy in white gold. Palladium is similar to platinum in a way that it won’t tarnish and is extremely flexible. It’s also hypoallergenic. However, the lower density of this metal makes it more affordable. Choose from Serendipity Diamonds palladium engagement ring selection today.

Titanium is a popular metal for engagement rings with its grey, cool finish. It can also be polished black. The tough name of this metal along with its rugged style makes this metal great for men’s wedding bands or ladies seeking something a little less traditional. The metal is both hypoallergenic and corrosion-resistant, and is also as weightless as aluminium and as strong as steel.

Recycled Metals
Another option for an engagement ring is recycled metal, which comes from an array of sources, including gold and platinum. The ring will usually take on the traits and colour of the dominant metal. When you combine conflict-free diamonds with recycled metal, you get a custom and completely environmentally friendly look. It’s also a great way to roll something old and something new all into one item.

Now that you know your metals for engagement rings, you can put a ring on it!

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