December 21, 2017

Hosting A Hog Roast Party

Hosting dinner parties is always fun, but cooking enough food for everyone can be a bit overwhelming but these days I try and keep it simple by making plenty of 2-3 main dishes instead of lots of different foods.

One of the best ways I’ve come across for hosting larger parties is to serve lots of roast meats or to even put on a hog roast! We had a hog roast for our wedding and everyone loved it. Did you know you could hire out hog roast machines with delivery to your door, a demo on how to use it and with the option to also order a ready prepared hog to roast? You can find out more right here.

Not only is it a show stopper, but it’s a fast way to cook a lot of food yourself with nothing to prepare beforehand. A medium sized hog roast will typically provide enough meat to keep about eighty people happy, or you could also choose 2 or 3 turkey which will feed 50-60 guests. You can feed an awful lot of people without spending a huge amount of money.

Serving options can be kept simple or pimped up. Pull the meat off the bone and put it into buns or rolls with salad and sauces. You could also whip up an oven full of jacket potatoes, some salads and other side dishes, or serve it with roasties, steamed vegetables and gravy for a hot dinner.

Whatever you choose to do, hosting a hog roast party sure is a fun and fab way to entertain! 

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