September 23, 2015

The Iconic Little Black Dress

This might sound a little shocking to most of you who swear by an LBD, the Little Black Dress, but I didn't own one until the ripe old age of 30. Yes 30...!

I've always enjoyed wearing colours, as you can see from this post here of my wardrobe, and I've just never been tempted to wear black even though I know it makes everyone look slimmer, sexier and just a little bit cooler.

About 2 years ago, faux leather really made it big in fashion and I adored the new twist on it. Edgy and cool, without looking too rude and inappropriate, and my little black dress collection began with this dress. It's still one of my favourite dresses and I've have so much fun in it!

My favourite LBD was from Primark and cost £13!!!

With growing older, I finally understand the power of a LBD and was pleasantly surprised to find this article online about iconic little black dresses, which I thought would be fun to share.

From this list, I have to say Audrey Hepburn is the most iconic, but I may be biased anyway since I love the glamour and elegance she exudes. I'm also a big fan of Marilyn Monroe who is featured too, but she owns and claims the name to that white dress.

Coast's take on the LBD through the years was good fun, and it remains one of my favourite shops for picking beautiful outfits. My prom dress, graduation dress, and some birthday/weddings dresses have all been from Coast. In recent years, my other favourite shops for dress hunting have also been H&M, Primark (you really do find gems in there now and then!), Forever21, ASOS and Zalandoo.

To complete the look with your LBD, hair extensions are a fun way to complete the look.  

Do you love a little black dress and what do you think of the iconic ones from the list? 


  1. I Love the Angelina Jolie dress, dramatic elegance is always fun :)
    Great collection of LBD Lucy!

    From yours truly
    Tiffany x

    1. Thank you Tiffany! Ha, that dress really is dramatic! =D

  2. You have so many black dresses! I only have 1 that I can wear on all occasions that I've had for a good 5 years from Reiss, assuming I can fit back into it after baby it will remain my classic.

    1. I actually ahve another 2 more that I forgot to shoot, oops. A good quality dress lasts forever, sounds you have a great LBD mandy!


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