May 03, 2015

Styling with Prairie Charm | How To Add Cute Details To Everyday Life

Adding a few small details to everyday life can just make it seem that little more special. I love paper straws and washi tape, and used both these items to add a little crafty fun into my home life. 

I bought my straws and washi tape from Prairie Charms who were offering a 25% discount with their relaunch party. Prairie Charms are partnering with Make A Wish Foundation, donating 25% of my order to them. This charity grants wishes to children and young people who are suffering from life threatening conditions. Supporting a worthy cause means guilt free shopping! 

As part of their #PrairiePayItForward campaign, they also sent me some cute hairbands and clips with my order. I love the coral hairband in particular, it's stretchy and does not leave tie marks in my hair.

Time to play!

This small salted caramel cake is from my local Co-op. I made a bunting using the washi tape as 'flags', and tied the bakers twine onto 2 straws to create this cute cake topper. It just made eating a slice of cake that little more special, like if I was at a cute tea party, instead of the comfort of my home.

I love my mini milk bottles and holder! The straws in the them make it super adorable.

My choice of washi tape. I will be aiming to expand my collection.... 

Our Japan honeymoon photobook with our polaroid mini snaps. I had been struggling on how best to store our photos, and this scrapbook with washi tape is perfect!

Honeymoon postcards from some of the areas we travelled through in Japan, also added to the scrapbook amongst the polaroids.

Some travel memories on my wall just above my desk in my home office, so I can reminisce every day.

What would you do with some paper straws + washi tape?! 


  1. This are very cute pictures and they show just how fun the little things could be!
    I always use washi tape to decorate my notebooks or to label all my cords.
    Very nice post!


    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment Kaitlyn. Washi tape is so much fun!


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