January 05, 2015

Seasonal LUSH Bubble Bars

Happy new year everyone! 

New year is a time to think about new things to do, places to go and for turning dreams into the real deal. However, we are in the middle of winter and I am still a bit stuck in the winter mode rather than Spring/New Year. Winter is probably one of my least favourite seasons in the year purely because I hate the cold and the early dark evenings - that's 4pm in the UK in case you're wondering and about 2 degrees outside. 

There are some things which are only great in the winter though, such as log fires, hot chocolate with marshmallow, onesies, cinnamon candles and a bubble bath. 

I picked up some bubble bars and bombs from Lush back in September (I'm behind on posting as usual) from their Halloween and Christmas range, don't they just look so cute? 

Any excuse to jump into my lovely new bath I say! I have always dreamt of a stand alone bath and now I have one. I used half of the purple wizard bubble bath; the smell was divine and turned the water into a pretty lilac. 

Are you guys a fan of Lush and did you get any of these? I know these went into sale in the January sales, but I didn't stock up.


  1. I didn't get to try the wizard but I have the penguin! Love your bath!!!

  2. Look forward to your lush post =)
    Thanks, it makes me wanna take a bath every night instead of a shower!


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