May 11, 2014

‘Ah Por Tofu-Fa' | Tofu Pudding | Hong Kong

 [Oops, bad lighting!] 

It’s hard to find a decent tofu-fa that is silky smooth, melts on your tongue with a rich soya taste. This is how my mum used to make it and I really do miss it. Too often, I've had tofu-fa that is either rough in texture, or the soya bean taste is too weak - like it’s been watered down, or they’ve used gelatine instead of coagulant and it tastes more like a jelly than a pudding.

On a trip to Hong Kong in April 2010, I made a trip to Tai Po’s famous ‘Ah por tofu-fa’ shop and on first slurp, childhood memories of my mum's tofu-fa came flooding back! It was a fantastic tofu-fa, and they served it with traditional ginger water and yellow sugar. My mum liked to make hers with ginger water and brown sugar syrup, which has an even better flavour, but I wasn’t complaining.

Tai Po is a little out of the way unless you come here for some sightseeing, but if you are on the hunt for good tofu-fa, ‘Ah por tofu-fa’
(亞婆豆腐花 Shop 2A, Tai Kwong Lane, Tai Po) is the place to go. They serve it either hot or cold and also sell soya milk. I always like mine at room temperature.

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